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Colin Farrell & Nicole Narain’s Sex-Tape Story, Pictures and Screenshots January 12, 2006

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Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain Sex TapeBecause so many people seemed to be soooo interested in Colin Farrell’s Sex Tape, I decided to create a dedicated page for this topic. I will be adding important news, pictures and sex-tape screenshots on this page about the Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain(playmate) sex-tape issue;-)

Below you will find dozens of Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain sex pictures. But before you start staring at those pictures, here is a summary for those who have not heard about the Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain’s sex tape/porn scandal yet.

About the Colin Farrell Tape

Nicole Narain's Picture. A picture of Colin Farrell having sex with Nicole Narain.The Colin Farrell sextape shows Colin Farrell, the A-list actor, with former Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain. The 14-minute video, shot in Narain’s Los Angeles home, features the couple performing some great and quite unbelievable sex acts. This is one of the hottest sex tapes of the last few years. If you’ve ever wanted to see Colin Farrell or Nicole Narain naked then you need to check out this sex tape.

The Colin Farrell sextape was released onto the net earlier this week for all to see. If you’ve ever wanted to see Colin Farrell or Nicole Narain like you’ve never seen them before, then you need to check out this sex tape. You should check out their hot and sexy naked bodies in this sex video, it’s simply amazing.

About Colin Farrell

Colin FarrellDublin native Colin Farrell began turning heads in Hollywood when he starred in Joel Schumacher’s Tigerland (2000), the story of American soldiers taken to the backwoods of Louisiana in 1971 to play war games in preparation for their first tour of duty in Vietnam. Colin garnered a Best Actor Award from the Boston Society of Film Critics for his portrayal of “Bozz”, a roughneck Texan recruit who helps his boot-camp buddies avoid Vietnam combat. Colin also starred alongside Kevin Spacey in Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s Dublin gangster movie, Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000). It was Spacey who suggested him for the part after catching Farrell’s riveting performance in the play, In a Little World of Our Own at the Donmar Warehouse in London.

Born on May 31, 1976, Farrell studied acting at the Gaiety School of Drama in Dublin and has established himself as a recognizable talent back home with a starring role in the BBC series “Ballykissangel” (1996) and Deirdre Purcell’s miniseries Falling for a Dancer (1998) (TV), in addition to a featured role in Tim Roth’s directorial debut, The War Zone (1999). After Tigerland, Farrell took on the role of Jesse James in American Outlaws (2001). Farrell then shot a starring role in the film Phone Booth (2002), reuniting him with director Schumacher. He also co-starred with Bruce Willis in _Hart’s War (2001)_ which was shot on location in Prague. Along the way Colin has managed to work with legendary directors such as Steven Spielberg in Minority Report (2002). All this has happened for Colin by the age of 25, making him one of Hollywood’s A-list young actors.

About Nicole Narain

Nicole Narain Naked Like many beautiful women, Nicole Narain is the product of a mixedethnic background — her mother is from Guyana, while her father ishalf Chinese and half East Indian.

After graduating from high school, Nicole moved from the suburbs to Chicago proper, where she connected with Playboy (a senior photo editor discovered her at a local nightclub in 1998). Sadly, after doing a few special edition shoots for Play..boy, Nicole lost contact with Play..boy.Fortunately for all of us, she reconnected with the magazine several years later and became a full-fledged Play..mate.

Nicole NarainFor the last few years, Nicole has been living in Los Angeles, whereshe pursues acting and spends quality time at the mansion, where she’smet the likes of Pauly Shore and Nicolas Cage. She’s appeared on NBC’s Fear Factor (on the Play..mate edition) and as a waitress on HBO’s hit Entourage.Nicole will make her feature film debut with a bit part in 2006’s Changeling.

Screenshots / sex pictures of Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain:

These are all the pictures I could get at the moment. If you are aware of any pics or screenshots please let me know by leaving a comment below. I’d be very glad if you’d just leave a note of where I can find them. For now, enjoy the sex picture collection I got for you.

A picture/screenshot of Colin licking Nicole's pussy Here, Colin Farrell is squeezing Nicole's brown tits This screenshot shows Nicole Narain on doggy-style position and Colin from behind Nicole Narain licking Colin Farrell's fingers, *hehe* On this picture Nicole Narrain is licking the tip of Colin's dick Now watch this, Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain doing it in missionary position

On this pic, Colin is licking Nicole Narain's clit again This is Nicole Narain deep-throating Colin Farrell's dick on this pic... She Just can't get enough Nadine smiling to Colin after a pleasant sex, like she wants some more

Thats all for now folks!!! Drop by soon as we keep on updating/adding information and pictures on this page.

Please holla at me if you have any information, pictures, clips or other material on this topic, so we can share it with the whole world… Muahahaha

You can contact me simply by dropping a comment on this page, if necessary i’ll reply you via e-mail. Thanks to everybody in advance.

– Colin Farrell Tape .com



1. Harmony - May 3, 2006

thanks for the pictures. I googled the topic and only one other one so far has had any pics – yours are better by far… 🙂 As a fan of his um… acting I thankyou again! – Harmony

2. Tatie - May 12, 2006

yeahhh Finally i got them too. Where have i been for the past 3 years? I missed the all creamy-part. Very memoriable although not to much to see but the rest i could imagen at leas!- From Russia with love TATIE.

3. kathy - July 26, 2006

A little disapponted, the pictures appear quite fuzzy and I would prefer to see Colin in all his glory so to speak.

Do you have any clearer ones of him, and where can I get a copy of this sex tape?

4. Evon - July 28, 2006

i love pics of Colin fuzzy but it him

5. ned mabunay - July 29, 2006

where can I can get a copy of this sex tape? And also of Paris Hilton sex tape?

6. raid - August 26, 2006


7. ameen - August 26, 2006


8. Martin - September 5, 2006

Waw !!! Did you ever know it is very commented in South America Colin Farrel is GAY !
Anyway, we are dissapointed knowing he is bisexual, BUT WE ARE VEY UNHAPPY TO SEE HE IS GOT A SMALL DICK !
(he is still cute), cheers, Martin

9. Daredevil - September 20, 2006

‘Whatever princess wants, princess gets…Bullseye!!!’ LOL

10. lucy - October 21, 2006

haha download limewire then search for colin farrell under videos… then download the MB windows media player one.
happy days. xx

11. katili - October 27, 2006

colin u the best hahahahaha thet’s good man

12. jyyhtgg - October 27, 2006


13. Dioni - October 28, 2006

grayt colin u the man

14. mayte - October 29, 2006

i want that man in my bed , deam

15. alex - October 31, 2006

je trouve que c’est très pervers ce que vous faites. faut vraiment avoir une vie desespérante pour faire se genre de truc

16. Tamara - November 1, 2006

I love Colin Farrell and I am a litlle bit jelaous at Nicole:)

17. angelina - November 3, 2006

does he really have a small dick i thought it was pretty big

18. sexyy - November 12, 2006

no his dick is so big. you can see it in his movie called Alexander. it is towards to end i guess. where he is going to take a bath. if you pause at the right time.. you can see how big is it =)

19. hussain - November 14, 2006

i want to also have sex can i press your boobs my dik is getting big ho no the speram came out

20. LUIS - November 15, 2006

thanks for the pics

21. Maryeli - November 15, 2006

Diiiioooosss que me lo haga a miii

22. gloss italy - November 19, 2006

bleah!!!! she’s a ……
he’s beautiful but very very very full!!!!

23. Jassy - November 20, 2006

Verry nice!! i think collin is fuckin hot, and this just prooves his bad boy self which i just love in a man!!!!!

24. criss - November 23, 2006

whatever he is, gay or st8, he is best man in the world, he is hottest one.. i really am falling in love. he so handsome..

25. katy - November 24, 2006

mandeme ese video

26. MONTANA911 - November 26, 2006

hi ok good fuckin yeah nice picture shum te smuta perbes po

27. ssdfcf - November 28, 2006

send to me nice photo

28. tricks - November 28, 2006

wow i was hoping for something a little bigger Mr Farrell!
Great body-goodlooking but small knob? shame!

29. aziz - November 29, 2006

je trouve qil a une pte bite bon c pa grave

30. jasmine - November 29, 2006

cnt beleive this im in love wif him actually!!! seriously soo jealous lolol but wen i become famous that shall b me 😀 x x x

31. jorge - December 1, 2006

Es lo mejor que ha hecho.
Felicidades Colin.
Eres Unico.
Que bueno.

32. jorge - December 1, 2006

Congratulations! Is Very Good!
To be good.
I dont know Ingles.
I´m sorry.

33. marla - December 3, 2006


34. precious - December 3, 2006

anyways… all you low lifes need to stop talking about my man… that girl he is “fucking” with was just a replacement for the night that i ordered him…anyways… llOveYa Collin;; Call Me Later

35. bigs - December 4, 2006

fuck u

36. Britney Spears upskirt flashing shaved pussy « V.I.P. News - December 5, 2006

[…] Well whatever the idea behind this vagina flashing was, come on guys, admit you’ve always wanted to see her shaved pussy. Wow, finally some of our dreams came true;-) I wonder when Jessica Alba will flash hers..*lol* You never know, I also never thought i’ll ever see nude pictures of Britney Spears, Nicole Narain and Colin Farrell in my life. […]

37. MARLENE - December 6, 2006

maldita ,como te envidio te ganaste con mi cuero.que no daria yo por el….amo a collin es un bombom. I LOVE YOU……

38. tom8 - December 6, 2006

i got the full video

39. Giulia - December 6, 2006

Ma che schifo sti Colin!!!!!! Bell’esempio!

40. LiSa - December 7, 2006


41. nicole - December 7, 2006

colin i am portuguese and i love you.please adiciona-me

42. JoZzEpH - December 8, 2006

dammnnn it, im gay, and colin have a big cock, i wanna have the cock in my ass…. damnn it

43. Michael - December 9, 2006

How can I look this video?

44. johnnay - December 10, 2006

i cant believe colin is gay

45. Mr.Huge Cock - December 11, 2006

Colin has a 2 yrs old dic

46. Anonim Colin Rajongó - December 11, 2006

Hát… mit is mondhatnék?
Szasztok Angolok!!!! 🙂

47. Kinky Ink Tattoos - December 12, 2006

Where can I get the Sex Tape?

48. stef - December 12, 2006

colin farrell is very sexy man! I love him!!!

49. youry - December 13, 2006

very bad

50. samanta - December 13, 2006

Now I have seen him in his full glory.! If I loved him before I saw him nacked, now I love him even more that I have seen his package. !!!

51. SHPADACO - December 16, 2006


52. angela bis - December 16, 2006

moi je ne trouve qu’il ne pas l’air d’avoir une petite bite mais qu’il a plutot l’air de bien s ‘en servir!!!
et que franchement sa ne me dérangerais pas (…) !!!

53. boris the blad - December 17, 2006

i got the vid but didnt see him get his pole waxed in it, must have a shorter version, good site tho

54. lisa - December 17, 2006


55. fer - December 18, 2006


56. jubela - December 19, 2006

Oh my godness…He is so hooooot

57. chuck - December 20, 2006

Where can i get the full length video?

58. fans from chile!!! - December 20, 2006

mmm!!!!!!!!!! so fucking deliciousss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hes by far the hotest guy i haver ever seennn!!!!!!!!!
but in some way im a bit dissapointed…i know colin is a bad boy, but i thought that was just an image..
i hoped he would have been more tender, but hes just another sex addict!!!!!!!!!!

59. pp - December 20, 2006


60. andrea - December 20, 2006

dios colin es demasiado bello yo lo quisiera hacer con el 1000 veces y tocarle todo, esa mujer es una suertuda

61. mary - December 20, 2006

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or not.Colin is so sexy!!
I want him in my bed!!! Where can i get the video?

62. N!c3 L3g$ - December 21, 2006

were can i get this tape? looks good. i wonder who got it first? or did they just throw it to the world and say “here guys check it out im bisexual and had sex with a playboy chick”

ey do u reckon she roots like a rabbit? i mean common the playboy symbol is a bunny. so she must. so poeple who have tis tape get back to me please.


catch yas……..>>k@yL3!gH

63. Cindy - December 21, 2006

I saw the video and his dick is nothing to brag about. It’s not bigggggg, but it’s nice

64. Honey - December 23, 2006

where can I look/get the video???????

65. ANDREA - December 24, 2006


66. zeid - December 27, 2006

nice …. thx
>> plz any one can help
where can I look/get the video???????
.. plz sent the link to my e-mail zedo33@hotmail.com

67. woma - December 27, 2006

schiss biuder…wär mir aso piinlech!!

68. HELENA - December 27, 2006


69. jhune - December 28, 2006

Honestly, i really love Colin Farrel…he’s totally hot i might say…where can i buy the tape? i’m dying to see how he move’s back and forth….anyway, thank you atleast i can see some of his picture….

70. amparo - December 28, 2006

joder la puta hedionda esa, espero que lo aprobechase agusto…porque
mas de una daria el sueldo de un mes por…ya sabemos. la que tendria que estar ahi soy yo coño!!! y a darle agusto!!! a ver si el tio weno d colin se da un saltito a españa pa atacarle…jajajajajaa colin eres mi amor platonico!!!!!

71. lela - December 28, 2006

loves the Colin
Hates the girl,,
Looks like I,m jelous

72. trinity - December 28, 2006

my god! i wanna him for next Xmas! xD

73. Yasmim - December 29, 2006

naum tem nem o q falar, as imagens dizem tudo!!!!
ele sabe aproveitar a vida!!!!!!!!

74. bectra - December 29, 2006

a vida eh dele e ele faz ela o q quiser, soh que ele eh famoso e pdia ser um pouquinho + discreto, afinal de contas ele eh uma celebridade!!!! E se ainda fosse uma mulherzinha mais atraente, mais olha essa baranga!!!
Essas fotos aposto que naum sapo nem metade do que eles fizeram.
Ao invés de mao nos peito deve eh ter rolado anal, oral, vaginal com certeza, espanhila, mao na buceta e quem sabe ate no cu, beijo grego, xuva negra e amarela!!!!!
com um cara gostoso desses naum pode bobera, a esperta, uma puta, com certeza, pq gravou isso, conseguiu o q miljhares de mulheres querem. bom pra ela.
Milhares de pessoas fazem isso o tempo todo, , e naum eh soh pq ele eh famoso que a gnt vai julgar. tem eh q olhar, rir e hasuhaushauhsuahsuhaushauhsuahsuahsuhaushauhsuhaushauhshsua
Mas, ele terminou com a namorada??????
se fosse eu alí, faria igualzinho, ou até pior!!!! uhaushauhsuhash

75. Nuna Biznass - December 31, 2006

Yo, I’m beatin next!!!

76. johnnay - December 31, 2006

I cant believe colin is gay. he’s 2 fine to be gay.

77. yusuf - January 2, 2007

i wanna look this video directly. please sent to my mail!

78. anniesf - January 2, 2007

nasty girl


79. daniela - January 3, 2007

QUE ONDA!!!!!!!esta horrible esa mujeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeR! alMenos para coliN faRRell es pocaaaaaaaaa cosa el esta buenisimo ademas de q es un papi …… alomejor es una prosti no? .. parece!

80. eu - January 3, 2007

why dont u download the whole tape?! u can find it on any torrent site… dooh

81. Natalija - January 4, 2007

Colin Farrell is so fucking hot!!!! I like the most his eyes because he has very mysterious and sweet look… mmmmmm…

82. scott sloan - January 4, 2007

i was just wondering can you do it to me

83. Fran - January 6, 2007

Damn, now that definately makes EVERY woman want Colin!!!

84. shaghaiegh - January 7, 2007

my name is shaghaiegh from iran
colin farrel love me
ilove you colin farrel

85. MANNOUBI BELHEDI - January 8, 2007

salut à toute, je vous demande que je veux faire un film pornro car je suis tres tres chaud de sex ou bien m’envoy’é des photo sexuelles et mercie.

86. sara - January 8, 2007

sara:ahi que hombre que me lo traigan y yo le hago tres videos sin parar …. con todas del kamazutra que rico estas papacitooo

87. Joseline - January 9, 2007

woow!! ke puedo desir!! ese hombre es todo un kuerasoo!! daria lo ke fuera por ser io kn estubiara ahi kn el!! LO KE FUERAA!!

88. marlene - January 11, 2007

que envidia maldita bruja te ganaste con mi cuero..yo tambien quiero con el es q es mi papi. I NIDYU.

89. dan - January 11, 2007

can you fack me to????

90. dan - January 11, 2007

where i can get the video for free???????????????????????????????????????????

91. juan - January 11, 2007

yo la tengo as grandee.. mide 22 cm y mas gruesooo asi ke andreaaa si quiere salgo asii buscame este es mi fono 9622783

92. gaidooo - January 13, 2007

can any one send me sex video’s on my e-mail

93. gh - January 14, 2007

hot hot hot .. he is so hot.
i want him..

94. karen - January 17, 2007

wowwww!!!… estaba yo mirando unas fotitos y me encuentro con esto pero = chevre ah ! se ve q la pasaron super…

95. maylin - January 18, 2007

colin eres lo mejor de lo mejor eres el hombre mas sexi me encantas todas las noches sueño con tigo y gran miembro estas exquisito eres una maravilla que envidia me dan las mujeres que han estado con tigo en la cama me encantaria mamartela y tragarme tu semen eres el papito de mis sueños. todos los que quieran platicar con migo y tener sexo en la red aganlo

96. SUNNY - January 19, 2007

BAD BOY!!!!!

97. rükşen - January 19, 2007

belanı versin colin senin şeyin çok küçüknmüş


98. Pilutannguaq. 87 - January 23, 2007

What’s going on??
It’s not Colin Farrell, I don’t believe this man!
Fuck you,, you sucks!
He just want to be famous.

99. thay - January 26, 2007

what a show? where to find the tape.?????? if u have some…..can i ?

100. bee - January 27, 2007

i think is very stupid for pepel to see this thig and make fun out of it!!!!

ever one lik having sex and

101. bee - January 27, 2007

i just cant stop cring^^

i love coiln so mush^^

and he is having sex with a girl……….ææææ

i want my colin back^^

u bdgirl live him alone^^ he is mine^^

102. hottiee - January 27, 2007

he`s so fucking HOT
and his dick is okey not small and not so very biig 😉

103. Cristina - January 29, 2007

I want Collin more than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

104. Gary H - January 31, 2007

just downloaded the film, god he’s so hot!! nice dick!

105. Jéssica Samantha Dias Silva - January 31, 2007

Ela é horrorosa! Colin merecia coisa bem melhor!
Estou decepcionada! É ridículo!

106. nick - February 1, 2007


107. Dolie - February 2, 2007

Hey i’m a french girl my namee is Dolie,
Oh! until this day i think collin was the perfect man but i don’t new it’s a dirty man like that!!!
but i still love him!!!much more

108. kathy - February 6, 2007

hi my name is kathy can u send some pics in my email aside from the pics that i saw.. thanks… heres my email ad: [REMOVED]@yahoo.com

109. Herr Frodo - February 6, 2007

Colin, ich will ein Kind von dir.

110. misti - February 9, 2007

big or little that girl was enjoying it. wish it was me. he is so hot.

111. JOSE - February 10, 2007


112. samantha - March 9, 2007

want to see it

113. vil - March 11, 2007

i wanna eat nicole narains pussy out so good i wanna jst skeet-skeet all over her tits,pussy and ass dat she’ll suck my dick likewere in porn

114. g l a m o r o u s - March 13, 2007

i think colin is just so hot hes got to be the hottest guy alive gorgeous face and body .. wish i was in nicoles spot very lukki girl anyways i love colin the most =)

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